Sanathara Music
Rajendra Sanathara
Mahesh Vyas
Gifted with music, he started his music career with medicine in India.
Mahesh's deep velvet voice gives rich meaning to any song he sings.
His has fans in L.A. and in all major cities of U.S.A. His devotion to
music and medicine has made his voice a miracle medicine that heals
everyone's soul. His live performances are memorable events.
With rhythm in his heart, he started his music career in India with famous
musicians of Bollywood. Rajendra's mastery on various instruments has
made him a versatile artist. During live performances as a drummer, he
mesmorizes the audience by his talent.
Bhavna Patel
Rashmi Shah

An emerging artist from Los Angeles who is an excellent performer. Her live shows are memorable events for her audience. She is currently working on a devotional album.

A versatile singer who sings various melodious songs from Bollywood film songs to Devotional songs. She has contributed to the community with her talent. Her devotional album “Shrreji Sharan” dedicated to her mom was a stepping stone for her recording carrier.